Rosaleen’s Story

Rosaleen always had the job of making scones, apple tarts & cupcakes for the family’s weekend treats. Being 1 of 10 children growing up, she learned to cook and bake at a young age and always remembered it being one of the more enjoyable chores by a mile...for obvious reasons.

Discomfort became a normal part of life when it came to eating/ drinking.
"I was diagnosed late, later than I would have liked but it was only then that it all made more sense".
Beforehand, there was no accurate diagnosis, no let up, just issues after issues and a lot of distress.

Whether it was a cupcake, a sliver of apple tart, the inviting bag of broken biscuits from the factory or a ham sandwich, the aftermath was so debilitating from childhood, right through to adolescence and into adult life. Thankfully in current times, finding the path to a diagnosis can be more clear.

After being diagnosed Coeliac in 2010, Rosaleen began coming to terms with the lifestyle changes that accompanied Coeliac Disease. She was out of work at the time and craved a new career path. It was a personally driven decision to create a company that could directly impact Coeliacs in a positive way. The rest is history.

It all started with beloved Granny O, “you will make money off these one day” she would say as she sampled the freshly made apple tart. However, it was not until many years later that Rosaleen had a lightening thought!

“Shortly after being diagnosed coeliac I was in a Café with a friend getting coffee. Looking at her deciding which type of cake, scone, or muffin she would like was torture. I glanced at the “gluten free section” only to find a tiny selection of measly pre-packed options which had shelf lives of over a year. This was a no no for me. The seed was planted, and I decided that this is a problem that must be solved. Coeliac’s should not have to miss out on enjoying something delicious and freshly baked. I shared my idea with my incredibly supportive husband and my three sons, they said go for it and the rest is history!”. (Rosaleen, 2012)


Despite our increased scale today, everything is hand made in small batches using only the finest quality ingredients. We produce and pack everything in our certified dedicated gluten free bakery to eliminate any cross-contamination. We want to assure you that we have done everything in our power to provide trusted GLUTEN FREE products.

Our team complies with HACCP (Hazzard Analysis and Critical Control Point) standards and all our staff are trained in allergen awareness.

We are recognised by The Coeliac Society of Ireland as a trusted supplier since 2012.


In 2018 we began making plans to further grow the business and we were excited to embark on a new journey for Rosaleen’s Kitchen. As we all know, by 2019 many of our lives changed, personal hopes and dreams were put on ice and some of us faced the most difficult of personal circumstances.

Rosaleen’s dream of elevating her self-built company was put on hold as the world stood still. It was as if suddenly and without warning, it was quiet, so quiet. It was a year that will never be forgotten personally amongst the RK Team. There were losses and there were sacrifices but the world continued. Our passion and determination never wavered.

When 2021 arrived, we knew that we wanted to not only survive but thrive! The RK Team have more reason than ever to push forward with the dream!

Watch this space and stay tuned. The future looks brighter than ever!


We could not do this without the continued support of our cherished customers. “Every single order is appreciated immensely, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. You my wonderful customers, have brought this company to life.” (Rosaleen, 2021)